Green Power Saves the Environment and Your Wallet!

So what is Green Power?

Green Power is an energy produced from renewable or non-polluting and non-hazardous technologies like; solar, wind, biomass (waste materials), geothermal (the earth’s heat) and low-impact small hydroelectric sources. It can help you reduce the impact of your energy consumption. The products that use this have Government support and are being pushed in their campaign to save the earth.

Since history began, the power of the sun, wind, and water have been used to power machines and now they are considered to be green alternatives to fossil fuels.

Green Power Alternatives

Green Power and Sustainable EnergyThese alternatives can lower carbon emissions,  greenhouse gases emission and can lower the cost of energy. We all know that greenhouse gas emission can cause global warming that affects the damage of our ozone layer, destroy our ecosystem through liquid and solid pollution, and can lead us to a very polluted and an unhealthy environment. So, this technology is again being pushed to the people to provide a cleaner source of electricity like solar and wind energy.

The sun is one of the best sources of green energy because of its abundance. Solar panels or cells are used to gather the sun’s energy can convert it into usable electric energy.

Wind power has been used in the past centuries in the form of windmills. It’s work is more likely done similar to the ancient grinding and water pumping windmills. It consists of tall bladed turbines and is usually made up of lightweight rigid materials. These turbines are placed in wide open areas far from trees, mountains or buildings. It should be placed on farmland or offshore areas.

Wind power is done when blades spin and so the turbine turns. The turbine is connected to the generator. This will work through the rotation of the shafts that generates energy to create electricity. And this electricity then directs the turbine to an electrical power grid.

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Other Green Power Sources

Aside from the use of the sun and wind, there are also other sources that are used as green power. One is the use of Hydropower which converts water from rivers into usable energy that are released from turbines. Geothermal energy is produced by using the heat of the earth. Biomass energy is produced by boiling water with burning biomass, by using waste materials such as; plants and trash. This can generate vapor which makes the power work through the turbines.

In using Green Power, there are advantages that we consider. Aside from decreasing greenhouse gas effects that destroy our environment, it can enhance our community image. Through this product, it can assist us to improve our image by demonstrating environmental stewardship. This renewable power source can be a more reliable source of power than power that is distributed through the electric grid or the electric power that we usually used.

One major advantage is it creates less pollution. It keeps our environment free from air pollution that affects the health of the people living in that particular area. And for companies that use this product are less affected by the increase of oil prices. Finally, our country needs not to rely on an energy system that depletes our planets resources. Green Power is what we need to help our planet heal.